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We provide an in-depth analysis of your corporate culture, expert organizational culture consulting services,
and ESG Management Performance Evaluations, by utilizing employee feedback collected through anonymous Blind surveys.

ESG management performance evaluation

ESG Management Performance Evaluation

Establish an evidence-based ESG evaluation scheme by utilizing the largest ESG survey in Korea

Employee satisfaction survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Annual diagnostic assessments, comparison, and analysis of corporate culture using employee survey with more than 100,000 participants

Corporate Culture Analysis

Corporate Culture Analysis

Customized organizational culture diagnostic assessments via anonymous survey, FGI, big data analysis

Pulse Survey

Pulse Survey

Forecast risk factors and maintain morale through regular employee satisfaction surveys


We generate objective and reliable data through structured anonymous surveys.


More than 388

Survey Participants

More than 473,468

Evaluation of Companies

More than 60,000

Corporate Culture

Crown Insight provides services to facilitate employee satisfaction
and improve organizational culture


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